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New Year - New Beginnings - Think about alpacas.

  • Price:
  • $500 CAD
  • Listing Began:
  • Jan 9-4:00
  • City:
  • Markdale,  Ontario, Canada   N0C 1H0
  • Phone:
  • (519) 986-3758

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  • Listing Began:
  • Jan 9-4:00



Are you interested in starting an alpaca farm? Let us help you.

We have 12 alpacas for sale, 3 females and 9 males from 2 years old and up. Most of the alpacas are dual registered or can be registered if wanted. For information on each alpaca please copy and paste the link beside their name – it will take you to their write up on our web.

These prices have been greatly reduced so that we can make more room for next years crias. The prices do not affect the quality of our alpacas. All of our alpacas are in very good health. We aren't going anywhere, we will be here to help you with your alpacas in any way we can.

FEMALES: KBAR'S Yazhi, Female, $1,500.00 kickinbackalpa caranch/alpacas-for-sale/92554/kbars-yazhi

KBAR'S Toffee, Female, Pregnant, $2,500.00 kickinbackalpa caranch/alpacas-for-sale/132083/kbars-toffee

Tiger Park Michaa -Female, $1,500.00. openherd/a lpacas-for-sale/60122/tiger-park-michaa

Yazhi and Michaa will not leave our ranch until their crias have been weaned in early 2019, the crias are not for sale.

KBAR'S Enthusiasm, $500.00 kickinbackalpa caranch/alpacas-for-sale/132065/kbars-enthusiasm
KBAR'S Reflection's Ghost,$500.00 kickinbackalpa caranch/alpacas-for-sale/135605/kbars-reflections-ghost
KBAR'S Brennan, Male, kickinbackalpa caranch/alpacas-for-sale/135596/kbars-brennan
KBAR'S Markdale, Male, $ 2,000.00 kickinbackalpa caranch/alpacas-for-sale/91788/kbars-markdale
Truly Blessed Eh! $2,000.00 kickinbackalpa caranch/alpacas-for-sale/92536/truly-blessed-eh
KBAR'S Blue Suede-$2,500.00 - kickinbackalpa caranch/alpacas-for-sale/92493/kbars-blue-suede
KBAR'S KaBoom! $1,500.00 kickinbackalpa caranch/alpacas-for-sale/112750/kbars-kaboom
BRF Mountain Boy's Reflection, $3,000.00 kickinbackalpa caranch/alpacas-for-sale/91733/brf-mountain-boys-reflection
KBAR'S Reflection's Amirror, $4,000.00 kickinbackalpa caranch/alpacas-for-sale/132060/kbars-reflections-amirror

Alpacas are very herd oriented the more there are the safer they feel, the minimum is two of the same sex, but if you have more they would feel safer. Being alone can cause them great stress and health issues.

If you would like to learn more about raising alpacas contact us today to arrange a farm visit.


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